Happy Birthday Gmail: How Google Is Celebrating 15 Years of Email

Ah, email services. They grow up so fast — and Gmail is no exception. Right before our and Google’s eyes, it’s turned 15.

Of course, Google had to ring in its email service’s birthday with a proper celebration — which, for that particular company, comes in the form of announcing new features and updates.

As Google said itself, “Gmail has evolved a lot over the past 15 years.” Here’s a look at what’s next for the email service.

A More Assistive Gmail

Smart(er) Compose

Earlier this year, we wrote about some of Google’s biggest AI projects, including Gmail’s Smart Compose tool — which uses machine-taught AI to predict how someone might finish a sentence with suggested text in an email composition.


At the time, we noted that much of Google’s AI research has carried the idea, “Anyone can have a personal assistant.” Now, Google says that it’s aligning Gmail with that narrative.

To start, Smart Compose — which Google says has “saved people from typing over 1 billion characters each week … enough to fill the pages of 1,000 copies of Lord of the Rings” — will roll out in four more languages: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Mobile versions of the feature — which up until now were only available on Google’s Pixel 3 mobile devices — is coming to Android, with a version for iOS “coming soon.”


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