How Breaking Glass Ceilings and a Collaboration With “Wired” Boosted a Rebrand: An Interview With ADP CMO Lorraine Barber-Miller

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we wanted to look back at one of our favorite SXSW 2019 brand activations.

When day one of SXSW coincided with International Women’s Day, legacy brand ADP — a global technology company that today provides human capital management solutions — had an idea: to celebrate its rebrand with a real-life, hands-on experience that would let people break workplace barriers.

ADP joined forces with tech magazine Wired to curate a brand activation that invited SXSW attendees to do just that — from shattering a glass ceiling or smashing a piggy bank that represented wage inequality, to demolishing clocks that symbolize a lack of work-life balance and pummeling outdated technology hardware, like fax machines.

We spoke with Lorraine Barber-Miller, CMO of ADP, about the inspiration behind the brand activation — and how it, along with the company’s partnership with Wired, played a part in its aforementioned rebrand.

One of our key questions: How can growth companies, which might be newer to the industry than ADP, create similarly engaging brand activations with fewer resources?

Here’s what we found out — and what happened when tried our collective hand at breaking the glass ceiling.

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